Storage Furniture

Every professional nappy change area needs storage so naturally we have a range to suit!
Covering everything from entrance areas, with our reception desks and cloak and shoe storage, to both free standing and wall hung open box shelves we can cover all needs.

The below represents just a small amount of what we have to offer. Where bespoke items are required please contact us with your needs.

More about our Storage Furniture …

Manufactured from the same materials, and to the same high standards as the Loxos stations, we are proud to offer a full range of complimentary storage solutions.
All cupboards can be manufactured with or without doors dependent upon the type of access required. Where children are present doors can be fitted with locks for added security in areas where low level storage is required.
Where standard sizes do not suit we are also able to manufacture bespoke items either as a stand alone item or to fit around your change station providing a complete fitted solution eliminating awkward gaps or unused space.
Let us know your requirements and we will design it to fit the area and your needs.

Suitable for …

All storage areas!
Nappy change areas, reception areas/rooms, cloak rooms, play rooms, toy storage areas, milk rooms, kitchens.