NEW LOXOS 3® : Concentrated innovation

actu_l3_double_posteLaunched in 1991, LOXOS 3® quickly became one of the crèches favourite changing station choices.  Two changing areas, hip bath, retractable staircases, storage and a wide colour range for both cabinet and mats… These are the main assets of LOXOS 3®. But as the needs of crèches evolve so too must the stations. This is the reason for our decision to redesign ” the star” using customer feedback. Our design office took this new challenge adding innovation whilst keeping the furniture’s historical assets. With even more design features and functions and using ergonomic studies, the NEW LOXOS 3® is here !

More space but still compact!

Working within the original footprint an extra 10cm has now been added to the change mats. This important change was based on data that within the last century children are now 10% taller! Along with this the design incorporates increased storage, a larger hand wash basin and extra work surface storage spaces too.

With its retractable staircase to aid carers, deeper change areas and extra storage the NEW LOXOS 3® is the leading choice in the care of older children.


Ergonomic for comfort

The NEW LOXOS 3® offers even more comfort than before. Both carers have easy access to the now centralised, large, hand wash basin and the reversed hip bath can also be easily reached with the mixer taps shower attachment.

As the child’s safety is always paramount we continue to round off all edges and up-stands. This design feature also adds to the overall elegance of the furniture giving them their famous appearance.

Easier cleaning for hygiene

After each change comes the cleaning so to ensure that this high traffic station can be easily sanitised we have removed the mat indentations thus improving water flow to the waste trap. Simple, quick, hygienic!


So that is all, now it is over to you to operate and appreciate!  

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