Nursery Series

Our nursery range of nappy change stations is split into three distinct areas to ensure that all needs can be met.
From small to large models we offer only the highest quality, safe and hygienic change surfaces available.
Please click on the nursery changing station images below for more detailed information on each.


nappy changing table

nappy change station

loxos 3 THUMB

grand-alpha THUMB

polycreche THUMB


combi 220 THUMB

combi 150 THUMB

standacreche 220 THUMB

standacreche 150 THUMB

pediacreche THUMB


loxos change THUMB

alpha change THUMB

minicreche THUMB

loxos bain THUMB

pediabin THUMB

alphabain THUMB

orthocreche THUMB

02 - Pediabox THUMB

More about our Nursery Series …

All have integrated user hand wash basins as standard and many include a re-sizable hip bath that is often hidden under a change area to save space giving you the facility as required but without taking up valuable space.
All materials, fixings, fittings and taps are of the highest grade to deal with the high daily usage they must withstand.
With clean smooth lines the change surfaces are a single moulding with no 90 degree bends, corners or joins to ensure no debris and bacteria can become trapped making effective cleaning a breeze.
Look out for our fixed and retractable staircases which are found on most models, an essential item when changing toddlers saving user back strain and making change times more enjoyable for all.

Suitable for …

Although both of the Loxos ranges are designed with specific areas in mind they are also suitable for many other areas where frequent changes are to be carried out:
Nurseries, Crèches, Public Areas, Services, Cafes, Restaurants, Children`s Play Centres………to name just a few!
If you have a need for a nursery nappy changing table, then we will be sure to have the model to suit.

Brochures …

Click to download our Nursery Series brochure

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If you are looking for a nappy changing table or nappy change station,
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