Kiddiwash – Mobile Hand Wash Sink



Teal Kiddiwash mobile hand wash

Teal Kiddiwash mobile hand wash


Mobile Hand wash in use

Mobile Hand wash in use



In addition to our other sanitary ware products Earlyquip are now approved agents for the Teal Kiddisynk and Kiddiwash models, two mobile hand wash solutions designed specifically for the early years sector.

They are designed specifically for children to allow them to wash their hands any where at any time.

The Kiddiwash KW

Warm water hand washing for little hands

Unique portable nursery hand wash unit – the Kiddiwash KW.

Warm water hand washing can be provided anywhere with this versatile unit. It’s entirely self-contained: just fill it with warm water and the KW will keep it warm for several hours.


Width      300mm Depth(closed)  175mm. Depth (open) 315mm Height     325mm.  Over handle 390mm
The flat base enables it to be positioned on any stable level surface – both indoors and out! So its always at just the right height for little ones to wash their hands.
The KW provides a minimum of ten 12 second hand washes per filling. It’s unique Waste-Safe retains all the dirty water which can be emptied when the hot water is replenished.

And there is a bonus Too! Little Children LOVE it! It is so easy to use that it becomes part of PLAY. No need to ‘punish’ them by dragging them away to wash their hands – Now thay can do it where they are playing.

For preschool and nurseries

Designed specifically for the smallest hands, the KW is the ideal solution anywhere an effective warm water hand wash is required.

The lightweight Flippi-tap is perfect for little fingers, enabling children to activate a steady spray of warm water that’s the prefect temperature for hand washing – every time.

Perfect hand washing – every time

The Kiddiwash KW portable unit is for use with pre-heated hot water. The KW teams warm water with fingertip tap operation: no dirt traps. It has a unique jet spray that reaches every part of the hands, and washing under running water means there’s no need to dip hands into dirty suds.
Small yet practical The Kiddiwash KW provides a minimum of ten 12 second hand washes per filling – enough for a hard day’s work (and play!).
Rugged and reliable Using the latest moulding techniques for high impact polyethylene, we have produced a unit that is the lightest you can buy and tougher than metal. Inside or outside, it will shrug off the knocks and bumps of a hard day in the nursery.

NOTE THAT:_Kiddiwash KW has a LIFE-TIME guarantee


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