Hospital Series

Designed alongside and with the aid of health professionals each of the different series are aimed at a specific ward type.
From the smallest station designed for use in birthing rooms to the much larger models used for Paediatric care our health range covers the needs of all wards and healthcare facilities.
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Maternity Accomodation

hospital baby baths

Betamat hospital baby bath

03 - Omegamat THUMB

04 - Standard 115 THUMB

05 - Standard 145 THUMB

Neonatal & Birthing Room Care

01 - Deltamat THUMB

02 - Neolange THUMB

03 - Neonat THUMB

04 - Standard 175 THUMB


01 - Pediabain THUMB

02 - Pediabox THUMB

03 - Pediamax THUMB

01 - Polymat THUMB

More about our Hospital Series …

Designed to meet professional needs the Hospital series is designed around the specific ward type from Maternity to Paediatrics and Neonatal.
Integrated user hand wash is found on all models to aid user hygiene as well as a variety of different bath sizes dependent upon the age of the children or areas requirements.
To aid in user and station hygiene all stations are supplied with elbow operated hospital grade taps and, as always, our single section moulded acrylic surfaces that have no bacteria traps.
In areas where more than one station is required many models can be grouped grouped together when required to create a larger working, teaching and medical assessment area. These groupings can be alongside a wall or centrally grouped.
A 4 year warranty is standard and all models are fitted with a TMV to prevent scalding in the event of cold water failure.
If required stations surfaces can be supplied without tap cut outs where wall mounted taps are specified.

Suitable for  …

All baby bathing, nappy changing, hospital baby baths, parent teaching, commercial baby changing station and medical assessment and/or preparation areas.
Maternity, Neonatal, Paediatric wards, Private birthing & recovery rooms & public area/parent nappy change facilities.

Brochures …

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