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The two distinct ranges for all nursery & healthcare needs are the result of Loxos`s 20 years experience as market leaders in this field.

Loxos stations are set apart from other tables as they are a “wet” station including integrated hand wash and (in many models) a hip bath for the very messy times. The inclusion of a retractable or fixed staircase is also another important safety feature chosen by most.

Surfaces are moulded acrylic design that has no seams, joints or 90 degree corners that could trap debris and bacteria. In essence this makes the process of cleaning the station very simple saving time and helping keep hygiene standards high change after change.

Although the surface designs are stock Loxos stations all have the ability to be changed to meet your requirements by simply choosing from a range of options such as baths, stairs, cupboard layouts, sink/bath orientation, and all finished in the colour of your choice from a wide palette.

As stations are made to order to cover each nurseries requirement`s so please click the link above and take a look over the range guides (Nursery or Healthcare) to learn more. Once you are happy please complete our contact form telling us your basic requirements and we will be in touch to discuss your project further.