Upcoming Exhibitions

Loxos – Where Comfort meets safety: Nappy changing is part of every nurseries daily routine, an unavoidable repetitive task that requires a safe & hygienic area. So why are so many existing tables hard to use, difficult to clean, in-efficient … [Read more...]

Loxos furniture – always more comfort and safety

All Loxos drawers now come with fully enclosed runners with soft close action. Thanks to this system drawers open silently and close softly with just one touch, a handy option when your hands and arms are full! However their sturdy but lightweight … [Read more...]

Loxos changing stations arrive in Nottingham !

From one to three, simple with the right choices The new Loxos 3 was always going to be popular for the larger UK nurseries so when we met with Jill Robey, the Head of Nottingham Nursery School &Training Centre, at the UK`s Childcare Expo in … [Read more...]

NEW LOXOS 3® : Concentrated innovation

Launched in 1991, LOXOS 3® quickly became one of the crèches favourite changing station choices.  Two changing areas, hip bath, retractable staircases, storage and a wide colour range for both cabinet and mats... These are the main assets of LOXOS … [Read more...]

Leeds Castle, Kent, is equipped with a Loxos changing station.

When you welcome over 600,000 visitors per year, including 150,000 children, it is essential that you provide excellent facilities for all! Colin Day, the Facilities Manager, wanted to ensure that as part of their refurbishment they provided the best … [Read more...]

Discover the re-designed, modernised Pedia Range

PEDIABOX® and PEDIABAIN® design has evolved  in line with today's market requirements. Modern and pure, the stations lines have been  highlighted  to give an all new oval-shaped bath, soft curved worksurface and rounded changing mats. Eager to … [Read more...]

Loxos adds some innovation to its star station – The Loxos 3®

Launched in 1991, the LOXOS 3® quickly became one of the crèche markets favourite stations and established itself as a LOXOS star product. As crèches needs have evolved so too has the LOXOS 3®. The design department newest modifications took in … [Read more...]

Why incorporate a standing change area?

The professional approach is that once a child is able to walk it is both easier for the carer, and better for the child, to be changed in a standing position. In answer to this requirement Loxos has designed the Orthocreche. It incorporates a two … [Read more...]