About Us

commercial baby changing unit

Who are EarlyQuip?

We are UK sales agents specialising in the sourcing and importation of furniture and specialised sanitaryware to service the UK childcare nursery sector. Staring in late 2009 we began as UK agents for Loxos professional baby bathing and nappy change stations that also includes a range for both Nurseries and also supply to specific UK hospital wards and clinics. More recently we have begun to supply some more traditional nappy change tables sourced from Daillot in France.
Based in the Midlands we can supply our ranges to all of the UK and Ireland offering solutions to our clients from an ever increasing range.
From small nurseries to large scale hospital projects we work alongside you, your team or your client, and provide solutions for all.

Why choose us?

In professional childcare the requirement to purchase “tools for the job” is paramount, put simply we are able to offer long term professional solutions to a market which has for many years only had the choice of  upgraded domestic style tables or carpenter built surfaces.
Nappy changing is an unavoidable repetitive task that requires a clean, safe and comfortable area for child and carer alike, thought must be given to this important piece of furniture.
For healthcare where both bathing and nappy changing is taught and then carried out, often by new parents, the solution must be simple, safe, hygienic and, for the long term, tough.
With many models to choose from, and a wide range of options available for each, we will discuss with you your requirements and then help with finding the correct solutions based on those needs.

For simple nappy change tables,
please visit the Daillot page where a buy it now option is available.

If you are looking for a baby changing unit,
please get in touch with EarlyQuip today